Monique Ford, Makeup Artist Monique is originally from Oakland, CA, a city where depth, drama, and beauty are found within the magic of each person's story. Born with the gift to turn flaws into beauty, Monique began her career at The Art School, in Oakland. It was here that her imagination and innovation were explored and cultivated, giving her the technical skills to express herself artistically. Monique later moved to Southern California to explore a career in the movie industry. Between interviews and auditions, Monique spent her free time painting on the rooftop of her Hollywood apartment. Monique got the chance to fall in love with her true passion after attending Elegance International at Hollywood and Vine. This is where she studied beauty and photography makeup, theater makeup, motion picture and film as well as Special effects and prosthetics. Being a makeup artist allows her to bring her art to life, moving from the static statements of canvases to the dynamic expression of bodies and faces. She has an infectiously positive spirit that makes her an absolute joy to work with. She loves to share her knowledge and her wonderful sense of humor with her clients, team members and students.